I have been loving reading this series of books with my 19 month old son, and best of all, he loves reading them too! The rhyme and the beautiful illustrations are highly engaging, and the books do a wonderful job at describing concepts in a concrete way. Using plenty of everyday examples, these books are a perfect resource to help my son build an understanding of these concepts. It is helpful to have a common language, ‘shining with…’ to use with him throughout the day as we encounter examples of ‘love’, ‘kindness’ and ‘peace’ etc. in our day to day lives.

Jessica Li – Speech Therapist and Mother of Hamish, 19 months

May I express my heartfelt gratitude once again for visiting my class today. Your books have had a profound impact on our learning, relationships, and well being. Thank you for sharing these social stories in such an accessible, meaningful and enjoyable way!

I would also like to commend you on the structure, format and delivery of your presentation. How wonderful for the children to meet and interact with you on a personal level while also learning about the stages of writing, illustrating and publishing a book. The opportunity to be creative with their own verses and illustrations allowed them to reveal so much of who they are, what they feel and how much they can achieve. The children wrote about the experience in the journals, here are some of their quotes:

“I felt enriched when Wendy and Lisa visited our class because they are the authors of the books we have been reading. They taught us about how a book gets published.”

“My favourite part of the day was when the authors of the SHINING WITH LIGHT books came to visit us. We sang our song for them and they showed us their new books called ‘Shining with Goodness’ and ‘Shining with Patience’. Now we have 6 of the books and we’re so excited for the next ones!”

“I like ‘Shining with Peace’ the best because it helps me to feel calm and I can learn to be steady and still and ready to learn!”

“I love all the SHINING WITH LIGHT books because the illustrations are so colourful and cute!”

“I felt joyful, peaceful, kind and loving when Wendy and Lisa came to visit. That’s because those are the books we had and that’s how we learn about different feelings.”

“I enjoyed meeting Wendy and Lisa. We are very grateful that two famous authors came to visit our class because our teacher met them and invited them to come. We are so lucky to meet so many cool people to help us with our learning. I feel inspired to be an author or teacher or maybe both.”

Miss Ivey Panicker – Classroom teacher grade 2 and 3

As Christian educators of young children we are often engaged in conversations around abstract concepts such as ‘joy’ and ‘kindness’. We use these terms often when describing behaviours that are deemed positive and cohesive in the classroom context. But what does it actually mean to demonstrate these ‘fruits of the Spirit’ as children explore, grow and interact with others in their world? Wendy and Lisa’s latest publication of 4 books titled around the dispositions of ‘kindness’, ’joy’, ‘peace’ and ‘love’ provide a concrete demonstration of what it could possibly ‘look’ like when young children are making positive choices in their lives. The books also provide very simple textual illustrations of when behaviours are reflective of negative choices. Each book then concludes with a positive encouragement to make a conscious CHOICE to be the kind of person who desires to shine kindness, love, joy and peace.We have recently used these 4 books (with a class of 3 and 4 year old Kindy children) by way of a ‘springboard’ into discussion around determining classroom behaviours and expectations, for the year, upon which we all agreed. These stories have then helped to construct 4 or 5 written ‘terms of agreement’ to which the children all ‘signed’ and have since become displayed as our classroom code of conduct (eg We are kind to each other). Although these books have been written with young children in mind they have eternal principles for ALL ages to enjoy and be reminded of!

Jacqueline Nieuwkerk, Early Childhood Educator, Rehoboth Christian College, Perth

My 3 year old daughter is being read the ‘Kids Light Up’ series as part of her Kinder program. Last week she asked me to put my arm around her at the dinner table, and she put hers around me and with a big smile on her face said “See mum, we are shining with kindness!”.  

Karissa – Mount Evelyn, Victoria

I could not recommend the ‘Kids Light Up’ series more highly. The books are all providing ‘little gold nuggets’ to enhance my parenting. As a stay-at-home dad, it is great to be able to support teaching my 3 year old daughter about values with very real and concrete examples. For example – “Lets shine with kindness by waiting our turn. This shows your friends that you care and that you are patient. Hitting people is not shining with kindness”

Josh – Ringwood, Victoria

These books are AMAZING! They are perfect for showing students what love, peace, joy and kindness look like in a way that kids can understand. I so often talk about these characteristics in my classroom but realised that sometimes it’s hard to explain what it actually looks like to be filled with love, joy peace and kindness. Such beautiful illustrations and words that are beautiful to read out aloud.

Caitlyn Jacobs – Prep Teacher, Maranatha Christian College, Endeavour Hills, Victoria

We got this book for my highly energetic 2 year old. It’s so lovely to be able to read it together and then use it in the real world. For a little one who struggles to wait in a line it is lovely to be able to remind her that ‘when we’re shining with patience, we wait our turn.’ When she is getting frustrated when we have to wait I say this, and every time she takes a deep breath and we are able to re set and wait a little more patiently. I recommend these book to everyone!!