Stellar Bear

Point your kids in the right direction – when they are old they won’t be lost. – Proverbs 22:6 (The Message)

How do we want our children to live, to be, to belong, to become, to believe? The Bible clearly tells us that through God these gifts come from making choices, firstly to live Gods way. The Holy Spirit is our source and helper. In this series the Holy Spirit is depicted through a star on the chest of our friend Stellar the Bear. ‘Stellar’ means constellation or star. Stars are unique just as we are made unique in Gods image, and due to the Holy Spirit that lives within us. When we turn on our light the fruits of the Spirit shine through.

The star reflects the emotions of Stellar, and whispers trusting and true solutions when things go wrong. He is our companion, our problem solver, our helper to make things right. We are never alone, and He can always be trusted to guide us on the path to right action.

What do you believe about children? Are they capable? Valuable? Knowledgeable? Thinkers? Problem Solvers? Independent? Unique? Curious? Wonderfully Created? Natural Explorers? Image Bearers?

How we think about children is fundamental to how we teach and parent them. It’s important to explore the beliefs that we have, as deep down we all have them and they will show when managing children’s behaviour and in teaching children values, actions, desires and how to think for themselves. Children benefit when we teach through modelling, scaffolding and guiding their behaviour. These are our ongoing responsibilities, our God given mandate toward children. When we are intentional in our teaching children reap the benefits.

When I'm shining with love book, by Wendy Mason and Lisa Maravelis

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Shining with Light Series

The ‘Shining with Light’ series are books that have been written for young children in a way that captures a child’s sense of wonder and learning, encapsulated in fun rhyme and story telling. The stories develop life skills such as friendship and social skills that children can relate to and put into practice in their everyday lives and experiences.