Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis

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Wendy and Lisa speak to a variety of forums providing entertaining educational information with a foundational basis for teaching resilience using specific positive values and qualities.

Wendy is an experienced early childhood specialist, having taught in Early Years Centre’s, Primary schools and TAFE for over 30 years. Wendy is passionate about developing children’s social skills, sustainability, resilience, connecting children with nature, and exploring the world through the eyes of young children.

Lisa has extensive experience as a counsellor to parents and students, having worked as private counsellor and in schools over many years. She has intimate knowledge of raising a child on the Autistic spectrum. Lisa is passionate about encouraging and developing the potential in children, empowering them to be the best they can be.


Building resilience in the Early Years

The modern ever-changing environment robs our children from building internal resilience naturally. Challenging behaviours are becoming distressingly more prevalent in the youngest of children.  High rates of anxiety, inability to concentrate, poor social and emotional development are becoming the norm.  In this session, we talk about positive measures for young children to mitigate negative effects and strengthen resilience.

Talking up the Value of Play – Beautiful Spaces

Research has shown that children learn best when they are involved in long periods of uninterrupted play. During this session we look at why play is so important in the early years, how children learn and what skills are being built through play. Inspirational, beautiful play spaces encourage those that work with young children to transform your educational setting.

In school student presentations

Becoming an Author-Shine Your Light

Wendy and Lisa talk about their Journey to becoming authors. In this practical workshop they describe their process for crating verse and poetry that is used in their picture storybook series. This session includes some highlights and video of their illustrator Kayleen’s handiwork, showing her creating images and her special talent. Children will be involved in writing their own poetry and creating their own illustration, based on the qualities: Peace Love Kindness Joy Patience Goodness Faithfulness Gentleness and Self-Control

This fun and interactive session for children from Prep to Grade 2 is about using these values and qualities to be the best you!

Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis
Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis
Kids Light Up Books Lisa Maravelis
Kids Light Up Books Lisa Maravelis