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When I’m shining with PATIENCE explores the idea that sharing and waiting for a turn creates a sense of fulfilment through endurance.

Being patient is being calm and content regardless of the outcome of a situation.

The social skills in this story include thinking of others, taking a deep breath and learning to wait calmly, with a smile.


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  1. Anna

    We got this book for my highly energetic 2 year old. It’s so lovely to be able to read it together and then use it in the real world. For a little one who struggles to wait in a line it is lovely to be able to remind her that ‘when we’re shining with patience, we wait our turn.’ When she is getting frustrated when we have to wait I say this, and every time she takes a deep breath and we are able to re set and wait a little more patiently. I recommend these book to everyone!!

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