Kids Light up books Australia

Children's Book Series Kids Light Up

Books: for Children Ages 3+
Audience: Kinder and Primary School Children

This picture storybook series is about teaching virtues and values as truths. They include abstract ideas that are meaningfully described through story and rhyme, helping children to build emotional literacy. Our ‘Stellar the Bear’ shows us what different virtues and emotions look and feel like, incorporating a social story in each book that specifically describes particular skills, qualities and values that assist children to work through issues when they arise.

The ‘Shining with Light’ series are books that have been written for young children in a way that captures a child’s sense of wonder and learning, encapsulated in fun rhyme and story telling. The stories develop life skills such as friendship and social skills that children can relate to and put into practice in their everyday lives and experiences.

Kids Light Up Books By wendy Mason and Lisa Maravelis

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