Wendy Mason

Peace – Teaching Notes

When I'm shining with peace book, by Wendy Mason and Lisa Maravelis

Peace is not about everything being calm and perfect. Peace is a state of being. Peace occurs when our innate need to trust and be trusted transpires. Peace comes from being in the moment, and a deep sense of contentment, not from those things that we can control but by choosing to obey and accept decisions from trusted adults or peers through developing a flexible, thinking approach to others. Peace comes from being able to contribute the best that we have to those around us that includes and supports everyone. As we seek to nurture values, goodwill and compassion for...

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Kindness – Teaching Notes

Kids Light up books Australia

When teaching children about kindness it's helpful to be clear and state what it is and what it looks like, AND what it isn’t! Kindness IS about treating others the way I like to be treated. It is NOT selfish, rude nor does it put people down or hurt people on purpose. Little children can feel strong emotions and yet not really know how to identify those emotions or know what to do about them. Because these emotions are strong their reaction usually matches it, sometimes with a punch or an unkind word! This is where our phrase “Stop, look,...

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Kids Light Up Workshops in Schools

Kids Light up books Australian Authors Lisa Maravelis and Wendy Mason

We love to share our stories with students! Grade 1-3 students at Karingal Primary School booked us during 2018 to share our journey about becoming authors. During this visit we told our journey and some interesting facts that we learned along the way, such what is an ‘imprint page,’ how books are bound together, ‘thread sewn or saddle stitched,’ and how to view the ‘plotter proofs’ when they arrived from the printer! During our workshop, we shared a video made by our illustrator in which she shows the children how to draw faces on our stars. This opportunity allowed discussions...

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