Teaching Truth – Empowering kids to shine

Our vision is to provide educational resources that empower teachers, parents and carers of young children to teach positive virtues and values. We also offer quality, informative educational speaking sessions for educators, parents and children on a variety of topics. We have created the picture storybook series for young children, ‘When I’m Shining with Light’.

This picture storybook series is about teaching virtues and values as truths. They include abstract ideas that are meaningfully described through story and rhyme, helping children to build emotional literacy. Our ‘Stellar the Bear’ shows us what different virtues and emotions look and feel like, incorporating a social story in each book that specifically describes particular skills, qualities and values that assist children to work through issues when they arise.

It is our desire that these books and resources can be used in such a way that inspire children to build knowledge and strategies to help navigate relationships and regulate emotions.

Our hope is to help children build social skills such as acknowledging that mistakes are a common part of humanity, managing and interpreting these situations and choosing to respond well. Forgiveness and empathy especially underline this process.

We are passionate about enabling children to shine the best version of themselves.

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