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Kids Light Up – Workshops in Schools

Kids Light up books Australian Authors Lisa Maravelis and Wendy Mason

Grade 1-3 students at Karingal Primary School booked us during 2018 to share our journey about becoming authors. During this visit we told our journey and some interesting facts that we learned along the way, such what is an ‘imprint page,’ how books are bound together, ‘thread sewn or saddle stitched,’ and how to view the ‘plotter proofs’ when they arrived from the printer!

Prior to the visit the students had been reading our stories and decided to make up a song that goes with each one, including actions! We were thrilled as they presented the song to us at the end of our visit. They had made welcome signs and thank you cards to present to us incorporating useful ways to include writing for a purpose. We finished our session by reading our two newest books at the time, to the children, When I’m shining with GOODNESS and PATIENCE.

We’d like to thank their teacher Miss Ivey Panicker, for the incredible way she presented our stories to her class and the short video she made of the children singing the song. You can have a look at the video here.

Parents of the children have given permission for this video to be viewed on public media.

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