Empowering Kids to SHINE

Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis

Building social and emotional skills

Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis

A social story is built into each story

Children grow their social confidence

Books that teach about Truth & Empowering kids to shine

Books: for Children Ages 3+
Audience: Kinder and Primary School Children

This picture storybook series is about teaching virtues and values as truths. They include abstract ideas that are meaningfully described through story and rhyme, helping children to build emotional literacy. Our ‘Stellar the Bear’ shows us what different virtues and emotions look and feel like, incorporating a social story in each book that specifically describes particular skills, qualities and values that assist children to work through issues when they arise.

The ‘Shining with Light’ series are books that have been written for young children in a way that captures a child’s sense of wonder and learning, encapsulated in fun rhyme and story telling. The stories develop life skills such as friendship and social skills that children can relate to and put into practice in their everyday lives and experiences.

Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason

Professional Endorsements about the Series

Australian Sharon Witt Author and Wendy Mason and Lisa Maravelis Professional Speakers 6
Collett Smart Psychologist and Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis
Michelle Mitchel Author and Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis

Sharon Witt

I am so excited for my colleagues Wendy Mason and Lisa Maravelis, who have worked extremely hard over the past 3 years to produce the most incredible children’s books on the fruits of the spirit for young children.

I have no doubt that they will be an invaluable resource for both parents, teachers and carers in helping children understand and incorporate these valuable qualities into their everyday lives.

Author | Educator | Founder of Resilient Kids Conference

Collette Smart

The Kids Light Up series is a beautiful resource for parents and teachers. Emotional Intelligence and strong values are the most vital skills a child can learn. These set them up with a healthy self-awareness,  as well as an awareness of others, throughout life.  Books in this series should be within every child’s reach!

Psychologist | Author | Spreaker

Michelle Mitchell

I was sent this delightful set of books to review, and I must say that I think they are FAB ★★★★★

Shining Light series is based on nine attributes we want all our children to develop – love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control. They cover content on friendships, emotional and social skills and truths that will enable children to shine the best version of themselves. These stories are designed to be a springboard for conversations with children from Prep to Year 4 and they are beautifully illustrated!  Ideal for classrooms, libraries or homes.

Educator | Author | Speaker
(B.Teach, Founder Youth Excel)

Kate Johnson and Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis
Michael Carr greg and Kids Light Up Books by Wendy Mason & Lisa Maravelis

Kate Johnson

We love these books by Lisa and Wendy.  They are packed full of practical ideas to build character and learn positive social skills.  Having these books available is amazing, as parents and care givers have a wonderful foundation to support their children to learn and grow through shared time reading together.  Both Lisa and Wendy bring professionalism and heart to their writing.

Founder & Director of Spectrum Journeys Inc

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

“A great teaching tool for children. These books help children make positive choices for positive behaviours which is precisely what our children need to learn. Part of the foundation for resilience is confidence with positive choices which is what these books teach. Highly recommended.”

Psychologist – Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is one of Australia’s highest profile psychologists, author of 14 books, broadcaster and a specialist in corporate mental health, families, parenting, children, adolescents and the use of technology for mental health.